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Martin King is an Emmy Award winning Military Historian. Martin is British and has lived in Belgium since 1981. He speaks German, Dutch, Italian, and French.  He began his literary career in 1995 when his agent Roger Williams secured his first publishing deal for the manuscript Voices of the Bulge. In frequent demand as a public speaker, he has lectured at many universities, schools along with British and US military bases throughout the world.  In 2005 the History Channel hired Martin as their Historical Consultant on the acclaimed series Cities of the Underworld, and in 2007 he became the Historical Consultant and writer on the hit series Greatest Tank Battles, one of the most-watched military documentaries ever made. Shortly thereafter he accepted an invitation to work as a presenter on an episode of the series Narrow Escapes with British Academy of Film Award (BAFTA)-winning documentary makers WMR. As recently as 2018 he appeared in the highly popular ‘Bizarre Foods’ TV series for the Travel Channel.

In 2013 Casemate released Martin King and Mike Collins The Tigers of Bastogne, which describes the pivotal role of the US 10th Armored Division during the fight for Bastogne.  In 2014 Martin became the executive producer and appeared in the Emmy Award-winning documentary titled ‘Searching for Augusta: The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne’. Currently being screen from coast to coast on PBS and available on Amazon Prime and iTunes. His efforts earned him 2 Emmy Awards. In June 2015 Casemate released the much anticipated The Fighting 30th–They called them Roosevelt’s SS, exceeded all expectations. 100 Years of War – With the 4th Infantry Division was released in the fall 2016. 2017 saw the release of ‘Warriors of the 106th – The Last Infantry Division’ and ‘Lost Voices: The Untold Stories of America’s World War I Veterans and their Families’.  The book ‘Searching for Augusta’ that provided the inspiration for the Emmy Award Winning documentary was also released in 2018 .  Martin has been received at the Pentagon, West Point Military Academy, Valley Forge Military Academy  and College and is a frequent guest of the US Embassy in Brussels. His relentless campaigning work for World War II veterans earned him a ‘Services to Education’ certificate presented on behalf of the US Military at Joint Base USAF Fort McGuire, Lakehurst, Dix in New Jersey. The local Belgian municipality recently made Martin an Honorary Citizen and elected him in as a ‘European Cultural Ambassador’.

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