Ex Wives Guide to Divorce

Ex-Wives' Guide to Divorce

Ex Wives Guide to Divorce

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Witnessing a woman going through divorce is like watching a tornado tear up a trailer park. Not only is someone losing their house and their life as they know it, but for many women, it seems to go down “Jerry Springer style”; damage is inevitable and it seems nearly impossible to save the day. THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE will ease her fears, save her money, and give her a road map of what lies ahead.  It will motivate her to get her head out of the sand and build her future dream sand castle, by herself, sans her once Prince Charming.  This survival guide is also the perfect {and practical} gift for a girlfriend, co-worker, neighbor, sister, mother, etc. experiencing the trauma of divorce. Chick flicks are over in 2 hours or less. The benefits of this organizer will last a lifetime.

There is a massive demand for a much-needed organizer like THE EX-WIVES’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE. Our target market and buyer are looking for a product that addresses everything they are feeling and obstacles they are facing in one useful tool. A survival guide is what we call it, as it is written in a lighthearted and inspiring voice…the Ex-Wives’ voice!

Simply stated, divorce sucks. It’s painful, heartbreaking, and pretty miserable for everyone involved. While men tend to champion the process, most women collapse and become emotionally unstable. Valerie and Holiday explain, “Our experience is while the husband is gathering ammunition with his high paid attorney, the wife is frantic and disheveled…most likely spending her energy on the phone with her best friend or sister instead of preparing herself for the battle ahead.  The result, more often than not, is the husband is prepared and ready; the wife is vulnerable. We’ve all seen it happen. In fact, we are personal witnesses of how this sort of thing goes down. That’s why we wrote this book.”


   —  Motto for the Girl Scouts of America

THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE is a fresh, creative spin on the traditional wedding planner.  This book will help women manage the “business of divorce” in a focused, realistic, and organized manner.  Valerie, Holiday, and other professional contributors, provide sage, practical advice and firm guidance in a comfortable, informed and friendly tone. THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE is both sensitive and full of good humor. The Ex-Wives envision an aesthetic design matched with their lighthearted, personal narrative; a good combination for any woman experiencing the life crisis of divorce. THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE empowers a woman with knowledge, while putting a smile on her face. THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE provides women with the encouragement, the tools and the confidence to navigate this trying time in her life.

Valerie explains, “Sure, the saying of ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is legend. However, we would like to add from experience ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman who is un-organized during a divorce!’ THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE is both purposeful and playful.  This survival guide charges women to “Put Their Big Girl Panties On” and maintain a tenacious spirit while preparing and organizing for their divorce.  There is information and tips for emotional management, financial preparedness, and family support in a lighthearted, personal manner.

Holiday adds, “We are not attorneys. We are not going to give you legal advice, but we will give you advice on getting legal advice. We are not psychologists, but we will give you advice on how to seek emotional help. We are wives with experience in what can only be described for most women as trauma.  Our mission with THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE project is to help women during this stressful and life changing circumstance. We want to arm them with the information, advice, and tools needed to effectively navigate the divorce process and provide the support they will need to sustain their emotional well-being.”