Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd “The Ex-Wives”


Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd “The Ex-Wives”

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HOLIDAY MILLER  and VALERIE SHEPHERD have dedicated their lives and their professions to helping others through written and verbal communication, being organized, and by leading by example (this sometimes includes what not to do!).  They are not afraid to share both their wisdom of successes and mistakes if it will help benefit someone, and put a smile on their face.

HOLIDAY  is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. As the Founder/CEO of Office Buzz Inc., her company provides business coaching, marketing strategies and custom graphic design for top producers in direct sales.

As a former musical theater major, Holiday loves the stage and jumps at the         opportunity to perform. She is a regular in local community productions, and has also served as guest host and emcee for multiple charity fundraisers and social events. Formerly a plus size fashion model, Holiday has been featured as both cover model and guest blogger for Little Black Dress/Little Red Wagon Magazine. Successfully co-parenting with her “ex”, she is a mother to two elementary age girls.

VALERIE  was a top ranking Account Executive in the southeast for large banks in their Wholesale Mortgage Lending divisions, she quickly learned the importance of being organized and staying organized. Her entrepreneurial spirit and client list  launched a business as a personal organizer.  She owns and operates Squared Away Atlanta specializing in organizational process for the home, small business, or her clients’ busy life.   Valerie is an experienced writer and presenter.

Valerie’s proclaimed motto is “Always the Bride, Never the Bridesmaid”, self-proclaimed expert on the subject as she has been married and divorced three times.  She has maintained a successful blog, is a staff writer for Red Tricycle Atlanta edition. She also writes the social media posts for the characters in the children’s book SASSAFRAS JONES AND THE SEARCH FOR THE FOREVER HOME 9780578120843. She is the mother to an elementary age school boy, and is trying very (very) hard to co-parent successfully with her ex-husband.

Says Valerie, “The story of our friendship is pretty unique, in fact, it’s probably like nothing you’ve ever heard before. You see, we both married, and divorced, the same man.” Valerie is ex-wife #1, and Holiday ex-wife #2. “Some may think befriending your ex-husband’s ex-wife would be crazy – for us, it has been the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Everyone’s situation is different.”

Shortly after separating from her husband, Holiday reached out to the other ex-wife Valerie via a desperate Facebook message during a moment of weakness post bubble bath (with wine). Within hours they were on the phone, making plans for the upcoming weekend. Valerie was in the midst of her third divorce, and Holiday was at the beginning of the road. Valerie poured her heart into Holiday, offering all of the advice she could to help and support her new friend. Holiday reciprocated as a supportive shoulder to cry on, and the ex-wives realized how important they were to each other.  Fast forward six months to a vacation together at the beach, with kids in tow, and mix a little retrospection with their desire to help other women, and voila! THE EX WIVES’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE was born.