These white papers are designed to help writers learn about the business of publishing and how to get happily published. Click on each link to download the information.

First Things You Need to Know  = This is primary written as an informational overview; a primer on understanding the different levels of publishing.

Judging a book by its cover” = Seven Keys to Success in Publishing

 Agency Agreement = This is a .pdf of the Roger Williams Agency agreement.

Submissions Materials Kit   = This kit is for any writer that need to understand what materials an agent will need to submit a project to publishers. 

Title Information Profile Template = is a form within the Submissions Materials Kit

Author Guide to Marketing and Virtual Self Promotion  = In today’s marketplace, an author can do a lot to help their partner publisher to promote their work. This Author’s Guide outlines how you can work with your publisher to promote your work. 

Sample author web sites = This is one page of the Author Guide to Marketing with links to sample author web sites and bookseller links

Publishing Timeline: What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Book to Be Published  = In trade publishing, when an author delivers a manuscript, generally speaking, it takes ten to twelve months to bring a book to market. This timeline explains what goes on during the time from when you sign your publishing agreement, to the time your book comes out. 

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines Here are some general guidelines on how to prepare your manuscript

The Author Questionnaire (AQ) Explained   A thoroughly completed AQ is one of the most important documents available to communicate with a publisher’s marketing and sales teams

Generic Author Questionnaire template = This is a template AQ; a composite of many different publishers.

Cover Thoughts memo = Part of the AQ, this is an author’s opportunity to present their thoughts about a book cover to their publisher. While the publisher always has the final say in the final cover, with this form, you can present your ideas.