Categories on which I focus and how to submit a query

AGENCY FOCUS…and how to submit a project for consideration…

Currently, I am interested in looking for non-fiction projects in the following categories:

History and Military History, with and emphasis on American History

Biography, or Autobiography/Memoir*

“Big Think” Business Concepts, Marketing, Communications and Consumerism

Current Events, Politics,Popular Culture, and Social Policy

Language and Reference

*ABOUT MEMOIRS….I am interested in what I would call, historically, or socially relevant memoirs.  Memoirs are like fiction…The decision to represent memoirs can be very subjective. You may have led a magnificent life, or have a remarkable story to tell, but successful memoirs are contingent on two main ingredients.  First, your capacity to tell a captivating story, your writing style, or, what many in publishing call “the voice”. So I look for a compelling narrative; language that permeates the soul, sparks imagination and emotion. So is what you written a diary, that reports on people, places and things, or a memoir, full of insight, reflection, character? An autobiography is a memoir of a celebrated individual. Which brings us to the second ingredient…what is your “platform”? Perhaps you are not an instantly recognizable celebrity. You need to be able to explain what you have to offer a publishing partner to reach an audience? Success in publishing today relies on an individual’s ability to amass media attention, and/or drive consumers purchases. It does begin with the writer’ voice, but is the writer also adept in self promotion? A good publisher can provide a writer with editorial guidance, quality production, marketing expertise, distribution, and credibility, but as a partner, the success of your memoir will depend on your ability to garner attention.

If your project matches with our portfolio, please go to our query to proceed. A good query should be one to three paragraphs; with the first couple of sentances providing a succinct overview of your project. Your query should also include an explanation of your credentials. Regardless of whether you become a client of this agency, or another, we wish you good fortune.

Send a query email, to

Please format the subject line of your email to read

Query | Your Surname | Subject | TITLE

We also might consider some middle grade and young adult historical fiction.  For fiction, a query pitch email is fine. Please format the subject line of your email

Query | Your Surname | Fiction | TITLE

If your query sparks my attention, I will ask you for your proposal, a sample of your writing and anything else you may want to send to me about your project.