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Intellectual Property Rights Management and Publishing Consultancy

Welcome. Presumably you are here because you have either written a book, or you have a concept for a work, and you have a lot of questions on how to find a publishing partner. I am a former bookseller, and publishing industry executive.  I have had the pleasure, and the honor, of working with many great authors, booksellers, and other dedicated publishing people. Additionally,  my wife, daughter, both sisters, two nieces and my brother-in-law are all published authors. In all my years of publishing, I have learned a thing or two and I have a few contacts in this business.

I believe a literary agent is more than just a deal maker. Certainly, any agent is responsible for managing intellectual property rights, however, my goal is to manage a writer’s career. I am a process oriented project manager and I am engaged long beyond getting a publishing deal. Given my background in distribution, sales and marketing, I specialize in managing my client relationships and their publishing partners throughout the publishing cycle.

Navigating this site will give you some sense of projects I represent, and projects I seek.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Roger S. Williams